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    Houston Business Coalition on Health to be formed by the merger of The Houston Wellness Association and Houston Business Group on Health.

    The board of directors for the Houston Wellness Association and the Houston Business Group on Health are pleased to announce their intent to merge.  The new organization will be called the “Houston Business Coalition on Health”, recognizing the collaboration of multiple stakeholders in their commitment to Houston area employers and their employees exness.

    “Both organizations understand the link between improving the health of an organization’s employees and improving the economic health of our community” says Karl Dalal, Director, U.S. Health & Protection Benefits for BP. 

    Elaine Britt, Director of Benefits and Compensation for Rice echoes Karl’s sentiments, “that’s why merging these two organizations makes so much sense.  We are both employer driven organizations with shared goals for the health of our employees”.

    The merger represents a pooling of expertise and resources dedicated to the enhancement of high quality, cost effective health and welfare benefits programs.  Since 1983 the Houston Business Group on Health has been the voice and advocate for employers seeking to manage the cost and effectiveness of corporate sponsored healthcare plans.  Formed in 2003, The Houston Wellness Association has sought to promote individual and corporate initiatives aimed at controlling healthcare costs by promoting health and wellness activities within the workplace.  Both organizations have long recognized that the greatest opportunity to manage healthcare costs exists within employers committed to a culture of corporate wellness and effective administration.  Working together, the Houston Business Coalition on Health can more effectively help employers develop that culture exness thailand.

    The Houston Business Coalition on Health will be the leading voice dedicated to improving the health and productivity of Houston area employers, thereby contributing to the economic viability of the Houston Business Community.  It intends to provide focused and effective healthcare information to Houston area employers through educational seminars, webinars and other events aimed specifically at assisting employers in promoting a healthier population of employees and cost effective healthcare benefits.


    According to Karl Dalal, Chairman of the Houston Business Coalition on Health, “We have a highly motivated group of local constituents between our organizations that are continually looking to take their healthcare programs to the next level by sharing experiences and best practices”.  Elaine Britt, Vice Chairman of the Houston Business Coalition on Health added that “It has always been a goal of the Business Group to be a single source for employers looking for solutions to escalating health care costs and deteriorating value in employee benefits.  This merger will give Houston employers that source”.

    The Board of Houston Business Coalition on Health has formed a Transition Committee which will include both Stacy Hodgins, Executive Director of HWA and Rick Huntington, Executive Director of HBGH and the officers of HBCH to oversee the transition and merger efforts.  The HBCH Board is also recruiting a new Executive Director to lead the new organization.  

    The Houston Business Coalition on Health expects to launch its new website exness th in the next few weeks.  In the interim, you can find more information at  Or, you can call at 713-667-3557.