Q. What is the Houston Wellness Association?

The HWA was established as an outgrowth of the Mayor's Wellness Council in December 2006.
The Houston Wellness Association (HWA) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to advance the health and well-being of our community and the economic vitality of our wellness sector with the vision to transform Houston into a widely-modeled, innovative city of healthy living.
We are doing this by contributing to worksite wellness programs for corporations, small businesses and uninsured companies; enhancing the development of a vibrant wellness business sector, and encouraging corporate social responsibility to address the healthcare needs of all segments of the population including childhood obesity, senior fitness and public-wellness policy.
The HWA is a membership association that functions on four key values:
1) Inclusiveness
2) Diversity
3) Biases for Action
4) Integrity

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Houston Wellness Association?

Students, Individuals working for an employer, consultants/entrepreneurs and companies can join the HWA and receive numerous benefits:

Discounts to monthly networking events to promote:

  • Making new business contacts
  • Exploring employment opportunities
  • Discovering wellness talent for employment with your organization
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Broadening your understanding of other wellness segments
  • Enhanced visibility for your organization

Access to either post or view job/consulting opportunities

Access to online membership directory

Participation in planning annual Wellness Symposium and wellness events

Receive monthly newsletter

Receive print version of HWA Annual Membership & Resource Directory

Participation on Committees:

African American Wellness Committee
Children & Family Wellness Committee
Communications Committee
Complementary & Integrative Wellness Committee
Food & Nutritional Wellness Committee
Hispanic Wellness Committee
Medical Wellness
Membership Committee
Mental & Behavioral Wellness Committee
Technology Wellness Committee
Worksite Wellness Committee

Q. What is the cost of an annual membership?

Annual membership dues are scaled based on whether you or an employee, self-employed, and the number of employees at your organization. Click here for details,


Q. How do I join a Committee and when are the Committee meetings?

Members in good standing are allowed to be active in as many Committees as they like. Each Committee has a standing meeting either during the first or second week of the month at the Houston Technology Center located at 410 Pierce Street, 77002. Click here to see the time for each Committee meeting: