The HWA has created a project called GenWellness in which we need your help. Our current youth generation is the first generation in American history projected to live less than their parents. GenWellness is an attempt to reverse this trend. GenWellness is not only an attempt to get sophomores and junior high school students engaged in wellness, but it is also an effort to expose these adolescents to career in health & wellness especially given the fact that Houston has the largest medical center in the world with the fourth largest population in the country.

On Saturday May 16th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm the HWA is hosting 500 African American, Asian and Hispanic students and their parents at the AAMA George Sanchez High School. The day will entail teaching these students and their parents the benefits of personal wellness and about career opportunities in health and wellness along with an educational fair. Additionally, leveraging the 600 plus membership of the HWA, the HWA is committed to finding a non-paid internship with a health & wellness mentor for all 500 students, preferably between June 8th - June 12th, 2009, as many students start summer school the week of the 15th.

We need your help inhosting one or more students for at least a day or more at your worksite to expose these future professionals to what you and your organization do in the area of health and wellness. Please fill out the accompanying survey so that we can best place a student with an appropriate mentor.

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